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Top 10 Sex Doll Movies and Series You Must See


Top 10 Sex Doll Movies and Series You Must See

For a wide assortment of reasons, sex dolls are getting to be more noticeable in our culture, which frequently shows itself in bizarre and amusing ways. But sex dolls’ representation in Hollywood movies is where these signs are made on the most amazing of scales. Beyond any doubt, sex dolls always show themselves up in the forms of pop music and rap songs, but never as a key figure that may well be depicted as a central figure or fundamental component. In this blog, we’ll talk about the greatest and best ways for Hollywood movies to get inspiration from the wonderful world of sex dolls! In the event that you’re a proud owner of your baby sex doll, you may totally appreciate seeing these artists’ interpretations of how the end of the sex dolls might develop to connect together with your life! If you’re still on the fence, you’ll be surprised to see how common the concept of a sex doll is in movies from your own childhood! In any case, life imitates art, and while sex dolls may not be a large part of your life right now, all indicators point to them being a big part of it in the future! Curvy Sex Doll is dedicated to supplying above-average dolls at the most affordable price, and we’re always here and willing to assist! All in all, you’ll want to see each of these films for its own sake! The list of movies that every sex doll owner is supposed to see is shared as follows!

1) Dummy

The show’s mediocrity and lunacy lead us to give it first place. Most films and television series include elements of love drama, sexual yearning, or deep philosophical reflection on humanity’s future with sex robots. This show creates the most realistic modern 2020 portrayal of what will happen over the next few years practically by accident. This one is difficult to avoid spoiling, so imagine an enraged, rebellious adolescent fleeing their restrictive household. Now assume that person has a sex doll as a pal. What are the chances that someone will take, or steal, their friend’s sex doll and go on an adventure with them? Why is it that despite the fact that she is stealing a robotic female, she develops quite a genuine relationship with the device? Is it still a device at that point, if it actually helps her with her problems? This show uses comedy and Anna Kendrick as the principal performer to bring these and other questions right to your brain.


2) Ex Machina

There’s no way you haven’t heard of this film, and there’s a great chance you’ve already seen it! This 2014 masterpiece is one of the most significant Hollywood movies ever dedicated to the subject of sex dolls, and it received generally excellent reviews. There were two primary factors that contributed to the film’s success. First, the robots’ breathtaking attractiveness was strikingly similar to that of today’s popular sex dolls. Second, the film went into great detail about the potential for consciousness in our artificial creations. Certainly, we’re not giving anything away, but this film offers a unique viewpoint on the nature of cognition in these tiny robots’ CPU-based minds.


3) A.I. Artificial Intelligence

You may have watched this film because it was so popular when it was launched in 2001. However, the connection to sex dolls was more obscure because the major emphasis was artificial intelligence. Everyone adores the inventive endless possibilities that genuine robots offer to our lives, both on film and in real life, and the sexual nature of their existence is frequently so evident and pleasant that it doesn’t even need to be addressed! We won’t give anything away about the plot of this film, but suffice it to say that it’s about a man robot who is physically designed to love.

4) Electric Dreams

This film, which was first released in 1984, was well ahead of its time. Sure, many have interesting ideas about the future of robotics and sex dolls. Electric Dream, on the other hand, foresaw the natural and competitive nature of a male human, a female human, and a robot. Everything from biology to robotics, predictably, wants to be the center of attention. It takes a very unexpected turn in this first-ever “love triangle” with a robot!


5) Her

In 2013, the film ‘Her’ was published, and it was one of the first to portray a very realistic and natural scenario of how a man might grow to admire a robot in multiple ways. The thought of men and women falling in love with their robotic mate was generally dismissed, but this film did an excellent job of forecasting what would only be a few years away. There is already a variety of easy-to-access stories about men and women who have built a deep and lasting connection with their artificial better half.

6) Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl, a 2007 film starring Hollywood’s beloved Ryan Gosling, is the first on the list. This film is actually rather emotional and sympathetic, as it centers on a man who simply wants to live a routine and scheduled life. Without giving too much away from the scenario, the protagonist suffers horribly in his personal life and learns the actual cost of even genuine human attachment. When he discovers a specific sex doll, it meets all of his mental and physical desires while avoiding the long-term expense of humanity.


7) Robots

The film Robots is set in a world populated by robots, which is both alarming and fascinating. Because this film is set so far in the future, they appear to have forgotten about the human aspect and have only seen the world after the sex doll takeover. If you watch this film, you’ll see how lovely and pleasant their robotic-filled world is, and generally, it’s a lovely glimpse of our future! Perhaps we will evolve into these robots who are surrounded by art, symmetry, and beauty?



8) Metropolis

As the oldest film on our list, it is absolutely legendary, having been released in 1927! This film is especially intriguing since it accurately predicts where we will be in only a few years, given the present rate of technological advancement. The film’s primary conceit is that a mad scientist living in an even crazier city decides to construct a charming robotic partner. This companion grows to be larger than life, and she tends to take a proactive approach against the insane metropolis in which she finds herself.


9) AI Rising

This 2018 film takes place in the far future when humans and androids live together in peace on Earth and in space. As it turns out, our future android phones will eventually fuse with our current sex dolls, and the mixture is something we humans enjoy! This is more of an action-adventure game film, with a leading role for sex dolls as a symbol of ultimate justice.


10) Big Hero 6

At least one Disney film had to be included on the list! It avoids the more obscene sentiments, as do all Disney films, but it does dig into mature issues like artificial intelligence theory and games. In the film, a youngster and his AI-robotic dog grow up together and learn to adjust to their adult world. They are inevitably forced to choose between doing good and doing evil by situations they create, and they learn to think logically as a result.

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