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Julia – Tall Curvy Sex Doll with Silicone Head

Julia’s Story Julia is your typical, quiet girl-next-door. Her friends always tease her for her NBSB(no boyfriend since birth) life. But everybody has their secret…

Lucy – Blonde Big Breast Mini Sex Doll

Lucy’s Story Sex Doll Lucy is by far our most popular doll. Lucy is a juicy petite love doll with a sensual body, big brown…

Nicole – Pink Hair Sex Doll

  Model Doll Specification  Features 100% medical grade TPE Material Best for Vaginal, Anal, Oral, and Breast Sex Steel Skeleton with Movable Joints Height 5’2”…

Shakira – Thick and Fat Butt BBW Sex Doll with Big Curves

Shakira’s Story We made Shakira bend down a lot during her photo shoot because her ass, hips and thighs show off the best parts of…

Sophie – Stunning Ultra Realistic TPE Sex Doll

Sophie’s Story Sophie is a kind, capable, and brave cowgirls. She is a group of enthusiastic pioneers in the vast western land. Wearing denim jackets…

Auburn – Red Head Sex Doll

  Auburn’s Story Auburn is an uncommon sex doll with fiery red hair. She is a college student from Seattle, and most of her life has…

Jennifer – Brunette Real-Feel Sex Doll

Jeniffer’s Story Sex Doll Jeniffer is a shy petite brunette looking for a man to teach her the sexual ways. She has a sexy slender and athletic body…

Anastasia – Russian Sex Doll

  Anastasia’s Story  Everyone knows that Russian girls are hot! But Anastasia’s sex appeal is off the charts! Look at her young, sinewy body, perky…

Lara – Ultra Realistic Blonde TPE Sex Doll

  Lara’s Story If you like them hot, fit and sizzling with sex appeal, you can’t do better than Lara. Standing at 5 ft 5…

Nicolette – Big Booty Sex Doll

Nicolette’s Story Nicolette is one of the most stunning realistic sex dolls to have ever been designed and created. Nicolette has beautiful big blue eyes, beautiful long brown hair, and a big booty to match her HUGE sexual appetite! Nicolette works for a major airline that keeps her very busy as she travels around the entire globe at least one time per month. You would think that always traveling would cause Nicolette’s love life to struggle, but a slut like Nicolette is always on the lookout for some tasty dick, so at least once per week this huge tit sex doll joins the “Mile High Club” as she fucks at least one of her first-class passengers in the flight attendant’s washroom every time her airline flies to Japan from Los Angeles. Usually, it’s the flight attendant who serves nuts, but for Nicolette, it’s her first-class male passengers that are in fact serving her their nuts instead! Nicolette is thinking about whom she is going to fuck on her flights that her female passengers always feel as if she’s ignoring their needs “Women on my flights always think I’m as cold as ice but it’s not all true. I can be a bit rough around the edges but it makes it easier to avoid all the emotional hassles. I like to do my own thing and avoid the unnecessary, so when I searching for a passenger to fuck, or at least suck their dick, I don’t have time to help my female passengers out…when I’m on the search for cock you best stay out of my way because this love doll needs more cock that most real women will ever desire in their lives.” Tale a moment to view Nicolette’s big tits and big, round, and juicy ass in all of the pictures that she has posted here for everyone to get horny over! Model Doll Specification Features 100% medical grade TPE Material Best for Vaginal, Anal and Oral Sex Steel Skeleton with…

Mia – Life Size Realistic Sex Doll

Mia’s Story Mia is a beautiful asian brunette ready to make your every dream come true. No matter what you are looking for, she is…

Akari – Top Quality TPE Sex Doll

Akari’s Story Sex doll Akari is sweet and innocent, using her Asian persuasion you will be unable to resist. Her ultra-realistic TPE material will fool…